Why did Cerise choose the Platform over the Employment structure?

Recently there has been a post on social media dated October 3rd, 2019:

   There’s a dilemma in the Lash Industry..

   So many salons screaming for great Lash Artists
   So many Lash Artists wanting to be sole traders.
   So many untrained Lash Artists wanting to be sole traders undercharging, not knowing how to

   actually run a business.
   No one is happy.

   Why work alone when we can all work together?


With 14 years of salon management experience, we have noticed this dilemma many years ago and have felt that the traditional employment structure is outdated for our industry.


With the shift in social behaviours, everybody wants to have FREEDOM in life and BE THEIR OWN BOSS. We have clearly seen this pattern with many successful platform businesses in recent years. Platform structure is a definite win-win-win outcome for the company, those working for/with the company and their customers.


Not everyone who loves their craft is interested in business or marketing, one typical example is that most chefs enjoy cooking and creating beautiful meals, but they aren’t necessarily the right people to open and run a restaurant.


So Cerise Enterprise is created based on a very simple business demand, a place where Lash Artists can focus on lashing all day, everyday, maximizing their income while they outsource us to run and manage their business for them. It’s just that simple.



Why would this structure work better?

The Cerise Enterprise Structure is unique due to our Strong Branding, 14 years of Solid Salon Systems and our Great Reputation.


Being the pioneer of the industry, we fully understand our customers' needs for eyelash extensions, and our marketing strategies had been tested and measured for years. No other lash companies can replicate our unique business model.


We are living proof that our revolutionary business model works, and we can really transform the way you have your lash business!